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Clothing Tips

No matter how hard we try, it is practically impossible to keep all garments clear of stains and spots. Here are some timeless tips to help you respond to those stains and spots:

  1. Blot, never rub a stain.  Rubbing can cause damage to the color or texture of the material.
  2. Take note of invisible stains. Sometimes stains disappear as they dry. When possible take note of these and tell us about them when you bring your garment in to Red Cap Cleaners.  It will allow us to treat those areas prior to cleaning to ensure the best results possible.
  3. Protect your clothing. Keep stain sources such as perfume, hair spray, whitening toothpaste and deodorant from coming in contact with your clothing.  They can cause stains, bleaching, discoloring or weakening of the material.

Spring Storage Solutions

Clean and Store your winter clothes with us at Red Cap Cleaners with no additional cost. Storage is "free" with drycleaning.. Spring is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about packing away the heavy wools and making room for your spring clothing.

Check the condition of your clothes.  Before packing your clothes away for the season make sure there are no stains on the items. Dry-clean or wash them as unseen stains can set in over time and cause damage such as fading.

Store your items in a dry, dark, cool and clean place. Avoid placing clothes in a warm or wet area such as attic or basement. This can lead to mold or insects on your clothes. Always make sure your storage place has been thoroughly cleaned before using it.

Let your garments breathe. Never store clothing in sealed plastic bags or airtight containers. The lack of ventilation can cause moisture to form.

Use hangers for delicates. Plastics and padded hangers work best. Clothing is less likely to experience shape distortion.

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